This is the most unusual Temple in the world It is open 23.58 x 7 a day

Thiruvarppu Sree Krishna Temple


This Temple is situated in Thiruvarppu in kottayam district, Kerala at least 1500 years old temple.  Lord Krishna  here is always hungry.  So all the 23.58 hours, 365 days the temple is open. 

Another peculiarity of this temple is that, the priest is given an AXE as well as the key to open the door in the early hours( only 2 minute closed). 

People believe that  Krishna cannot tolerate hunger and so if there is any delay in opening the door with the key, the priest is permitted to break open the door with an axe. 

People believe that Lord Krishna's idol in the Temple is of the very exhausted Krishna after he killed Kamsa. 

So, after the Abhishekam is over, the lord's head is first dried, the naivedyam offered to him and then only his body is dried. 

There are 10 times Naivedhya pooja. 

Another peculiarity of this Temple is that even during Eclipse times, the Temple is not closed.  People believe that this God Krishna would become hungry. 

It seems once, the temple was closed during eclipse. When they reopened the door they found that the waist belt of the lord has slipped down. 

Sri Adi Shankaracharya who came at that time told that it was because of God Krishna became very hungry.  From then on, they stopped closing the during Eclipse times also. 

God Krishna Sleeping time is daily 11.58 pm to 12.00 am. Only 2 minutes.  No devotees is allowed to leave without consuming Prasadam.  Everyday 11.57 pm ( before closing the temple) the priest calls out loudly  IS THERE  ANYBODY HERE WHO IS HUNGRY? " 

This is to ensure the all devotees partake in Prasadam.  Another important thing is once you taste the Prasadam, you will not be hungry and life time you will not have any problem getting food. 

Lord Krishna is taking care of all devotees who pray here and take prasadam. 

The Temple's address is,

Tiruvarppu Krishna Temple, Tiruvarppu-686020


Source: Whatsapp | Author: Unknown